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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How do ceiling fans work?
Q2: Where are these brands originated from?
Q3: Low ceiling – I cannot install a ceiling fan because my ceiling is not high enough?
Q4: High ceiling – Can I install a ceiling fan on a high ceiling?
Q5: Slope ceiling – Can I install a ceiling fan on a slope ceiling?
Q6: Do I need a big room for ceiling fan?
Q7: Can I install a ceiling fan at outdoor areas?
Q8: Is ceiling fan a green product?
Q9: What are the benefits by using a ceiling fan?
Q10: How can I use the fan in all seasons?
Q11: How do I choose a right ceiling fan?
Q12: Can I purchase one accessory remote for multiple ceiling fans?
Q13: Can someone help me with the installation?
Q14: Are the ceiling fans noisy?
Q15: How to clean a ceiling fan?
Q16: What is the warranty?
Q17: More blades / More RPM = More airflow?