EL:AR Group
Australian and English owned company incorporated in Hong Kong in 2006, el:ar Limited was set up to look after the sales and distributions of quality ceiling fans for Asia and other regions.

With a background of manufacturing quality ceiling fans, el:ar works closely with a group of ceiling fan manufacturer alliances to export and distribute a wide range of high quality ceiling fan products. The current export network includes Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Middle East, Mongolia, Tunisia, Seyselles, and others.

The goal of the company is to offer customers a choice of quality and style in ceiling fan products. The collection includes the world’s most renowned ceiling fan brands from America and Australia. In Hong Kong, the products are widely available at leading lighting stores, electrical appliance retailers, as well as high-end furniture and department stores.

Apart from the retail network, el:ar also cooperate with different
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architects and design firms throughout Asia to supply projects ranging from residential to commercial including hotels, resorts and restaurants.

The concept of a ceiling fan as a traditional product has changed. el:ar continues to develop products that are energy efficient, stylish and that offer a multi-purpose solution, including cooling, lighting as well as being a contemporary furniture piece that fits seamlessly into any environment.

Iconic Fan Co.
As the original manufacturer for other Australian brands, Iconic Fan Co. has recently taken a new direction and launched a group of new models together with all the classic models under the name of Iconic. The company was formed by a team of ceiling fan industry experts, who together have more than 30 years combined experience in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution. Its products are representing quality and good design, and can be found in Australia and many places around the world. more

Designed by Michael Hort, the Sycamore fan is a signature product which was inspired by the beauty of a falling Sycamore tree seed pod. This beautiful design has won the Australian Design Award and it is one of the fantastic products of Iconic Fan Co. more

Modern Fan
The Modern Fan Co. was born of a singular intention: to design alternatives to the status quo. In doing so, the company aims to produce ceiling fans that while keeping users comfortable, also address the aesthetic requirements of contemporary-minded design professionals and homeowners. Ron Rezek's career as a design entrepreneur and educator lends a rich and authentic heritage to Modern. Designing products rather than styling them, the company's goal is to remain above fashion and trends, and to continually provide products that are technically and artfully appealing. The timeless designs have made the brand known for "cool by design". more

Period Arts Fan Co.
Apart from the contemporary collections, The Period Arts Fan Co. as an associated product line to The Modern Fan Co. offers same good products with a touch of vintage design. more

Minka Aire
Minka Aire's products have established a reputation for the finest quality and workmanship. The mission or charter of Minka Aire is to provide customers with the most advanced and unique product designs at an affordable price. A key element of Minka Aire's mission ensuring that function and performance must match and exceed customers' needs and expectation. Thus a blend of form, function and great value for money are the hallmarks of Minka's products. Minka Aire's team of talented in house designers understand that good design inspiration comes from a variety of sources and it is this design philosophy that has made Minka Aire the only ceiling fan manufacturer to have received the prestigious "Good Design" Award from the Chicago Athenaeu m, museum of Architecture and Design. more

Matthews Fan Co.
Chuck Matthews founded the Matthews Fan company in his home town of Chicago in 1992. Marketing their products under the brand names, "Matthews-Gerbar" and "Atlas," Matthews' goal is to build visually appealing and superbly functioning ceiling and wall fans with identifiable personality. more

Aeratron's philosophy promotes harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human habitation and activity. Simple, functional and aesthetic products are the company's objective. A combination of Australian design and Swiss engineering, Aeratron creates an altogether different class of eco-efficient fans. more

Hunter Fan Co.
As the pioneer of ceiling fan design, The Hunter Fan Co of the USA produced their first ceiling fan in 1886. Today, Hunter combines its heritage of 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century technology to create ceiling fans that are unmatched for quality, style and quiet performance. More than 130 years after the invention of the very first ceiling fan, Hunter's name and products are renowned for quality and bring comfort to millions of homes around the world. more

Oliver Kessler Design
Established in 2007 by German designer Oliver Kessler, Oliver Kessler Design is focused on design development and project management for various international companies. Of particular note is Oliver’s signature swinging punkah-style ceiling fans, which subsequently resulted in the firm being recognised in LUXlife’s 2019 Designer Awards as the ‘Most Innovative Swinging Fan Designers’ in Western Europe. more

Hunter Pacific
A small family owned business located in suburban Sydney. It was known for quality products that were largely manufactured by Iconic Fan Co. more

MacroAir designed the original HVLS fan in San Bernardino, California in 1998. We invented the big industrial ceiling fan – also known as the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS fans) – and have continued to be a leader in the market by developing the most innovative large fans in the world. more